Terms and Conditions:


All rides are paid in full by cash or by billing to the customer’s credit card or corporate account numbers. accepts the following cards: American Express, MasterCard and Visa. All published rates are subject to change without notice. The following additional charges will be itemized on the customer’s billing statement when applicable: two-way tolls, airport fees and cell phone usage.

Sedan Rates: has standardized point-to-point rates that provide flat rate pricing for travel to and from most major cities and airports. Sedan rates for travel between locations in which a point-to-point rate does not exist will be billed at’s hourly rate. Customers are billed from the time the vehicle reaches it’s first pick up and ends at it’s last drop off. Fractions of an hour are rounded to the next thirty minute interval.

Wait Time / Stop Time:

Twenty minutes of free waiting time given on all Domestic flights from the official posted arrival time. Forty minutes of free waiting time given on all International flights from the official posted arrival time. Additional waiting time will be calculated in increments 15 minutes at the vehicle’s hourly rate. 20% gratuity, tolls and parking are additional. For all other reservations, 15 minutes of free wait time is given. Any additional wait time will be charged in 30 minute increments based on the hourly rate for that particular vehicle. does not monitor private flights, therefore, wait time will be charged as incurred for any passenger arriving on a private plane that is delayed by more than 15 minutes. does not monitor train schedules, therefore, wait time will be charged as incurred for any passenger arriving by train that is delayed by more than 15 minutes. Passenger requested stops on route during a point-to-point reservation will be charged $20.00 per stop for maximum of 20 minutes, and changes will revert to’s hourly rate after 15 minutes. Passenger requested stops off route for point-to-point reservations, additional charges will revert to’s hourly rate.

Terms and conditions:

The client is fully responsible for guests and assumes full financial responsibility for any and all damages to the vehicle caused by client or their guests either by accident, neglect or intent. assumes no responsibility for articles left in the vehicle. All deposits are non-refundable. Any cancelations within 72 hours will be billed 100% of the total balance due unless arrangements are made by company in writing and signed. We reserve the right to terminate services at any time without any refund if the party is unruly or endangering the safe operation of the vehicle. Driver is not responsible for illegal acts during Limousine or Party Bus rental. We will not be responsible for any delays or inconveniences due to traffic, unforeseen mechanical failures or situations deemed as ‘Act of God”. We reserve the right to substitute alternative vehicle in the event of an occurrence beyond our control. Client assumes full financial responsibility for all payments due at the beginning of the event. Damage fees are due immediately, and if not paid in a timely manner, the ride will be terminated. Any overtime will be due at the end of the scheduled run. If you become injured during the Limousine or Party Bus Rental Service provided by or their affiliates, you will not hold or any of its employees (affiliates) liable for any injuries. Seat belts are for your protection so please wear them.

Rules and regulations:

No alcohol allowed in the Limo if even 1 person is under 21 years of age. No smoking. No drugs. No food. No feet on the seats and bar areas. No sitting on the back of seats. Do not open the emergency hatches or windows. No fighting or running in the limo or Party Buses. Only people on the list are allowed in the limo. No disrespect to the driver. No gum. Capacity restricted to number of passengers that is listed on the contract. There is no food allowed onboard any Limousine or Party Bus.


Use of narcotics in Limousine (Marijuana, Cocaine, etc.) is prohibited, Broken or missing glasses $25.00 ea, Broken Decanters $75.00 ea, Excessive spillage $150.00 , Gum on the carpet $20.00 ea, Broken Stereo/DVD/CD or related items $1000.00, Damaged speakers $200.00 ea, Sickness in Limousine $300.00ea, Burn or tear in Headliner $700.00, Burn or tear in Seat $500.00, Burn or tear in Door Panel $400.00, Burn or tear in Carpet $350.00. All the charges noted below are approximate and subject to change.The client agrees to all terms and conditions and basic charges for damages.

Client agrees by clicking reservation form send button to pay full payment to all charges and authorize (or its affiliate companies) to charge credit card with or without credit card imprint.